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The AAMA Virtual Library and the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library have been moved to ShareFile and you should have received an email with your assigned credentials to access your files. Contact or with any questions.
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AAMA Virtual Library
The AAMA Virtual Library is a licensed program for AAMA member companies, offering electronic versions of AAMA publications for use by their employees in an effort to make AAMA’s technical information resources more readily available.

This program is currently available to AAMA Category I, Technical Consultant and Professional Members. Documents will be available by entering a company-specific username and password above once your license agreement has been approved.

To learn more about this program and obtain the license agreement, visit the Members Only section of our website.

Questions, comments or problems with this portion of our website, please contact

To access the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library or the Study Resource Center, log in here with your assigned credentials. You will be redirected to ShareFile, where the library is hosted.

FenestrationMasters Virtual Library
Exclusively available to AAMA Category I, Technical Consultant and Professional Members, the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library offers 12-month, print-friendly access to electronic versions of over 50 AAMA documents referenced in the coursework. Category I members who have already purchased access to the Complete Four-Volume Set AVL may purchase the FenestrationMasters Add-on in lieu of the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library, which offers additional documents relevant to the FenestrationAssociate and FenestrationMaster curriculum that are not included in the Complete Four-Volume Set AVL.

Study Resource Center
For both FenestrationAssociate and FenestrationMaster candidates, the Study Resource Center provides three-month, read-only access to AAMA documents referenced in the courses. Candidates may order printed versions of any of the documents via the online store. The Study Resource Center is only available for a single individual, not for company-wide access.

To learn more about this resource for FenestrationAssociate and FenestrationMaster candidates, visit the Resources and Study Materials page. To order the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library or the Study Resource Center, please contact

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