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Website Quick Tips: Navigating MyList in Members Only

March 30, 2012

Each month, the AAMA e-News will feature Website Quick Tips that will show web users how to navigate portions of the AAMA website, including Members Only.

The following is step-by-step instructions on how to use the “MyList” feature in the Members Only portion of the AAMA website*.

1. Navigate to Members Search via Members Only (once logged in, use the search box at the top right) or the Member Search link in the navigation under Tools & Events.

2. Type “search criteria” and click the blue arrow or search button.
3. Click on the “MyList” link within the search results for the company you are interested in to add that business and their main contact.
4. Click on the “More Info” link for the company you are interested in to locate specific individuals you would like to add to your list.
5. Click on the scissors icon next to the individual(s) you want to add, and a separate window will open with “MyList of Business”.

6. Then, you can add more individuals from the same company or go back and add contacts from other companies within your search results or run a new search.
7. Once you have completed your list, click on the DownloadMyList button on the “MyList of Businesses” page.

8. You will then be prompted to click on the “MyList Export File” link.

9. After clicking on the “MyList Export File,” your list will appear in an Excel file.

Note: The “MyList of Businesses” is cleared once you log out of Members Only or if your session times out. Keep in mind any information is only as up-to-date as the data in our system at the time of your download.

*If you are not logged into to Members Only, you can navigate to “Search for Members” under “About AAMA” on the public portion of the AAMA website and you will be able to add only business level information to your MyList not individuals.

If you would like to suggest Website Quick Tips to be featured in the AAMA e-News, please contact, AAMA’s Communications Coordinator.


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