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WIC Solicited for Expert Advice, Requests Quotes from Labs

November 29, 2011

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The Western Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association (WWCCA) asked AAMA to review selected details for window installation in stucco, and whether or not a sill pan is needed in particular instances. WWCCA is writing a guide that intends to reference AAMA; as a result, they asked the Wall Interface Council to review their guide before it is published. The group noted that AAMA 2400 does not require sill pans, and while FMA/AAMA 100 does mention sill pans, it is referenced in extreme exposure. Because sill pans are optional, it is a matter of risk assessment, and it would be practical to reference documents that AAMA has already published in WWCCA’s publication.

The WIC developed a response to the WWCCA, in which they stated: “It is their collective response that your question regarding sill pans is addressed in current existing AAMA window installation documents; and it would make the most sense going forward for your organization and/or manual to reference these existing documents: FMA/AAMA 100, and AAMA 2400. These two documents together cover installation with extreme wind/water exposure and those with minimal exposure. Your document could outline, or users could determine, the appropriate exposure level for an installation.” 

Simulated Divided Lites
The Simulated Divided Lite Task Group [Co-Chairs Christen Habegger (Gaska Tape) and Kiran Malhotra (Adchem Corporation)] is soliciting quotes from labs on testing. Interested parties should contact the labs directly in order to participate. Manufacturers should have their materials tested per standards in AAMA 813, Voluntary Specification and Test Methods for Adhesives Used in Simulated Divided Lites. Moving forward, the task group will be able to review specific data and develop appropriate voluntary standards.


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