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AAMA Launches Blogs; Provides Information on the Industry, Membership and Social Media

December 17, 2012

AAMA recently launched three blogs on "Trade Secrets," written by Rich Walker, AAMA President and CEO; "Member Edge," written by Janice Yglesias, AAMA Association Services Director; and "Socially Speaking," written by Sam Sinkhorn, AAMA Communications Coordinator.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of the AAMA blogs as they will enhance our online communications and better serve our members by providing the latest information on hot industry topics, association membership and social media,” says Walker.

Specifically, “Trade Secrets” will feature monthly posts on Walker’s perspective on issues affecting the fenestration industry, including updates on ENERGY STAR® and relevant federal legislation, in addition to topics that are applicable across all industries, such as the importance of taking vacation time.

Also featuring monthly posts, “Member Edge” will focus on AAMA’s membership initiatives. According to Yglesias, “The ‘Member Edge’ blog will provide an excellent forum to highlight the value of various AAMA programs and services as well as to share conversations with our members about their perspectives on our association and the future of the fenestration industry.”

AAMA’s third blog, “Socially Speaking,” will include weekly updates that highlight platform-specific social media best practices. “Now that AAMA is actively participating on both LinkedIn and Twitter, ‘Socially Speaking’ will supplement the how-to presentations given at AAMA Conferences by serving as an additional resource for the latest in social media news, tips and trends,” says Sinkhorn.

More information about AAMA and its activities can be found via the AAMA Media Relations page or on the AAMA website,

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