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Deadline Extended: Action Needed to Stop Adoption of LEED 2012

March 20, 2012

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is striking a major blow against all vinyl building products used in commercial buildings by attaching an avoidance credit to its use within the revised draft of LEED® 2012

The deadline for submitting comments on this draft has been extended until Tuesday, March 27 at 9:00 a.m. EDT) Comments submitted between March 20 and March 27 must be submitted directly to with the subject line "[Your Organization]: Comment on [Full Title of Credit]" in order to be properly organized and reviewed by USGCB staff and technical committees in a timely manner. Be sure to use our search widget below to identify your Congress representatives and copy them on your comment submittal.

The Vinyl Institute spearheaded efforts to reverse the recommendation and contacted USGBC to request both, an extension of the March 20 Public Comment deadline and an explanation on the USGBC's decision to abandon the findings of their Scientific and Advisory Technical Committee's 2007 determinations on the use of vinyl.

AAMA President and CEO, Rich Walker has requested an in-person meeting with USGBC President Rick Fedrizzi, to gather input on their disturbing decision and again provide USGBC with extensive data that has proven vinyl windows, doors and skylights to be energy efficient, sustainable, safe and a recommended material to be used in commercial and residential construction.

AAMA members are asked to prepare to submit comments to USGBC by the deadline. Congressional members representing your state should be copied and made aware of the potential impact to employment throughout the manufacture to installation chain, that would result from the USGBC's arbitrary determination.

Input your zip code through our search widget below and quickly identify your State and Federal representatives and access current contact information. (Note: you will navigate away from the AAMA website once you enter your zip code below.)

AAMA will continue work with allied organizations to closely monitor and comment on the activity of the USGBC and will provide our members with updates as they become available. For more information on AAMA's Legislative activities visit our Members Only website.

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