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AAMA Task Groups Make Progress on Green Certification Program

February 29, 2012

At AAMA’s 75th Annual Conference in Naples, FL, the association’s green-related task groups met to discuss AAMA’s Green Product Certification Program and review ballot results.

Green Specification
The Green and Sustainability Specification Development Task Group members reviewed comments from the Residential Product Group (RPG) ballot of the AAMA Green Product Certification Program criteria for R and LC class products. Changes were made to the Visible Transmittance (VT) criteria and this section will be re-balloted to the RPG. Members will address any additional comments via conference call at the official close of the ballot in March.

Task group members also began reviewing comments from the AAMA Green Certification Program criteria for CW and AW class products. Members will finish their review by way of a conference call following the Annual Conference and will re-ballot to the Green and Sustainability Specification Development Task Group if necessary.

Green Procedural Guide
The Green and Sustainability Procedural Guide Task Group began reviewing ballot results of the procedural guide, a document that will define the procedures and documentation required to earn green product certification. Members will finish reviewing results by way of a conference call.

For more information on the green-related task group minutes and general updates, please visit the Members Only section of the AAMA website. Updates are also provided regularly in the monthly electronic newsletter, AAMA e-News.

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