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AAMA Corporate Membership Renewal Process Opens, Recruitment Incentive Program Added

December 16, 2011

The renewal process for AAMA Corporate Members is now open. AAMA Corporate Membership is available to businesses involved in the manufacture, sale or service of fenestration products and is renewed on an annual basis. In addition, AAMA is offering an incentive program to encourage members to recruit new manufacturers to the association.

2012 Membership Renewal
The 2012 Corporate Membership renewal process is in the form of an online survey which is pre-populated with company membership information from 2011.

Initial notice of renewal was sent to the main contact of each member company at the beginning of December. These completed renewal forms should be submitted no later than January 1, 2012. After online renewal forms are submitted, company membership records will be updated and a dues invoice will be emailed to the main contact.

AAMA offers a wide range of programs, services and benefits to members and is continually expanding these benefits and the resources made available to members.

Renewing your membership on time will ensure that you continue to receive all AAMA member benefits, including discounts on AAMA publications, meeting registration fees and, as applicable, AAMA certification-related program fees. Additionally, your company will maintain its membership tenure and its listing on the AAMA website for continued customer referrals.

Member Recruitment Incentive Program
The Member Recruitment Incentive is a new program intended to promote recruitment within AAMA’s membership. Members who aid in the successful recruitment of a Category 1 manufacturer will receive a complimentary registration for one National Conference. If there is more than one individual that the new member has indicated as a referral, the award will be equally divided between individuals.

If you have any questions about the membership renewal process or the member recruitment incentive program, please contact Jacqueline Luna, AAMA Membership Coordinator.


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