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AAMA Celebrates 75 Years, Opens Registration for National Conference

January 2, 2012

Registration for the AAMA 75th Annual Conference is now open. AAMA members may register online and save $50. Highlights from the upcoming event include the 75th Annual Awards Banquet, keynote speaker, green product certification, codes and regulatory affairs and alternative accelerated weathering testing.

Awards Banquet
AAMA’s 75th Annual Awards Banquet promises to be a night dedicated to the celebration of a milestone anniversary.
The longevity and continuing success of AAMA was made possible through the expertise, perseverance and dedication contributed to our organization by our past and present members. The occasion of AAMA’s 75th Anniversary serves as a platform to recognize those members who have contributed the time and talent necessary to build and sustain a powerful and respected organization.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with some members from AAMA’s past as all Outstanding Member Award winners will be recognized for their prominent contributions to AAMA’s progress. Please join in celebrating 75 years of industry dedication and recognize the accomplishments of pre-eminent AAMA members.

Keynote Speaker
Eric Greitens – The Heart and the Fist: Inspired Leadership Through Challenging Times
Eric Greitens is a decorated United States Navy SEAL, a Rhodes Scholar who earned his PH.D. at Oxford, a humanitarian worker who has served around the world, and a national champion boxer. He is also the founder of the Center for Citizen Leadership, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of the next generation of American leadership.

Greitens will address a broad range of subjects vitally important to today’s companies, including leadership and social responsibility, the next generation of American leadership, and service and the humanitarian ethic. He will inspire attendees to pursue socially responsible leadership that will benefit the community at large through stories of his many experiences around the world. In a rapidly changing world, it is easy to lose sight of the true purpose of leadership and humanitarianism; Greitens will instill a sense of urgency to rediscover a balance between success in business and responsible leadership as a global citizen.

Green Product Certification
The Green and Sustainability Specification Development Task Group will be reviewing the ballot results of the climate zone-based approach to the energy performance criteria and related points associated with the criteria within the program for R and LC class products. Once this stage of balloting is successfully concluded, the specification will be complete and work will begin on a user’s guide for this segment of the program.

The related Green and Sustainability Procedural Guide Task Group will be reviewing the results of their first task group ballot during the Annual Conference. Once the procedural guide has successfully completed the full balloting process, green product certification will be available through AAMA.

Code Summary
The year 2012 brings the publication of a new edition of the International Codes. Julie Ruth, AAMA code consultant, will provide a summary of the 2012 International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and International Green Construction Code (IgCC) as they pertain to the fenestration industry. It is anticipated that each of these codes will begin to be adopted and implemented in some U.S. jurisdictions in 2012.

Development of the 2015 International Building Code will also begin in January 2012 with the submittal deadline for code change proposals to that code. Ruth will update attendees on code change proposals to the 2015 IBC that have been submitted by AAMA, and parties other than AAMA. The process for reviewing all proposals submitted by others and developing AAMA positions on them will begin at this meeting.

Regulatory Affairs
The Regulatory Affairs Committee monitors state and national legislation and government rule making that impacts AAMA members and their customers, while providing a forum for reporting the influential activities of affiliated organizations, such as ASHRAE, IGMA and ASTM.

Key regulatory and legislative issues of interest at the national level include the EPA Lead Remodeling and Repair Rule, 25C tax credits for energy efficient products, EPA proposed ENERGY STAR® Window Criteria 6.0 and 179D commercial building tax deductions.

On the state level, California leads the way with regulations on formaldehyde emissions from composite panels, titanium dioxide, dust and vinyl content in packaging.

As more regulations are proposed and variations in state-level requirements proliferate, this session hones in on the developments of most interest to AAMA members.

Alternative Accelerated Weathering
There has been a great deal of discussion about unknown variables and phenomena during prior meetings of the Alternative Accelerated Weathering Task Group. During this session, Atlas Material Testing Technology and Q-Lab will team up to provide an informative presentation covering all aspects of accelerated weathering. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The benefits of accelerated weather testing
  • Common equipment used to accelerate exposures
  • Fluorescent and ultraviolet lamps
  • Fresnel solar reflector
  • Xenon arc lamp
  • Science and fundamentals of accelerated weathering
  • Correlations between accelerated testing and actual outdoor exposure
Time will also be devoted to fielding questions from attendees.

For more information on this event, visit the AAMA 75th Annual Conference page.


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