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IGMA Summer Conference Focuses on Issues Important to Insulating Glass Manufacturers

At the IGMA 2016 Summer Conference, several task groups gave updates on matters like the Quality Management System task group, the Sealant Adhesion to Spacer task group and others. Below is a summary of activities at that event.

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Joint IGMA/AAMA Task Group Progresses toward Edge Pressure Testing

Excessive edge pressure applied to insulating glass units (IGUs) – as, for example, that exerted by over-tightened pressure plates used to secure glazing in curtain wall or sloped glazing systems – can create an aesthetic issue and ultimately result in a seal failure. A major example is the creation of a "wavy" edge of sealing material such as polyisobutylene (PIB) protruding into the vision area of the IGU, a phenomenon known as "scalloping."

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IGMA Hosting IG Fabricator Workshop November 1-3, Only a Few Registrations Remaining

Those in or near the St. Paul, MN-area can benefit from attending a three-day insulating glass fabricator workshop, hosted by the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA). The workshop features a balanced mix of classroom education along with hands-on demonstrations to discover best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling glass, desiccants, sealants, gas fill, frost point and more.

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IG Fabricator Workshop Gives Next Generation's Students Hands-On Experience in Field

One of the major areas of focus for the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) is education. To this end, IGMA has developed a new education program called the IG Fabricator Workshop, a combination of online, classroom and "hands-on" learning. The workshop will always be held at an approved test facility location so that participants can conduct tests with equipment only available at these facilities.

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Coalition Looks to Establish Code Defense for Plastic Glazing

There is an ongoing interest among plastic transparent sheet manufacturers and system integrators supplying the architectural market to improve their advocacy position and influence codes regarding the use of their products, primarily in skylights.

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ASTM Technical Committee Manages Pultrusion Standards

ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) is typically the bellwether for the latest in testing technology and methodology, and its individual test method publications are often referenced within AAMA standards. Committees and subcommittees are constantly working to maintain currency and relevancy of all these standards and test methods.

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