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The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is made up of window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront manufacturers, suppliers and test labs. These large and small companies supply products for both residential and commercial buildings.

What can AAMA offer you?
  • The searchable Certified Products Directory locates manufacturers that are a part of AAMA's prestigious Certification Program.
  • The AAMA Certification Label provides confidence that the products you choose, when installed properly, match the quality of the sample product tested.
  • Free brochure downloads cover topics such as product care and maintenance, product certification, green building, commercial buildings and window safety.
We encourage you to take advantage of the resources available on our site and learn more about the products in your home.

Featured Topics

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March 23, 2015

AAMA Releases Updated Documents Pertaining to Architecturally-Finished Aluminum

AAMA has updated and released two documents specific to aluminum: the combined AAMA 609 & 610-15, Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Architecturally Finished Aluminum and CW-10-15, Care and Handling of Architectural Aluminum from Shop to Site.

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March 5, 2015

AAMA Releases Updated Sound Control Document

AAMA has updated a document specific to sound control for fenestration products. AAMA TIR-A1 provides detailed technical information for the reduction of sound transmission through building envelopes in terms of the design and construction of both commercial and residential buildings. Some new definitions were added to this document, which was last updated in 2004.


March 31, 2015

New Task Groups Tackle EPA Requirements and FPIS Installation Details

Two new Task Groups were created by the Wall Interface Council at the AAMA Annual Conference in February.

March 26, 2015

Observe Window Safety Year Round

As spring arrives, the National Safety Council’s Window Safety Task Force encourages everyone to recognize the importance of practicing window safety year-round. Window Safety Week is observed April 5-11. However, open windows any time of year can be dangerous for young children who are not properly supervised. While the number of falls from windows is generally very small compared with other recorded child injuries, a window incident can result in serious injury or possibly even death.

March 23, 2015

The Challenge of Testing for Long-Term Durability

Fenestration poses a unique challenge when developing a long-term durability test program. Existing test methods answer immediate safety and performance requirements, yet offer little in terms of long term durability in a field environment.


March 27, 2015

Get Window Safety Tips To Your Customers

It’s getting warmer out, which means soon it will be time to enjoy our homes with our windows open. While this can be a wonderful thing to experience, especially after a tough winter, be sure to do so safely in order to prevent window falls this spring, and year round.

March 13, 2015

Delivering the Message of Window Safety

Did you know that Window Safety Week is the first week of April each year? That's right - from April 5 to 11 this year there will be an increased focus on spreading the message of window safety.

March 6, 2015

Schedule a Week's Worth of Tweets in Minutes

Back in January, I wrote a list of suggested social media New Year's resolutions. How are those going? If you've gotten off track, that's okay – there's still time to create new (good) habits! One of those resolutions was to be better about scheduling tweets. I've been doing this in 2015 and I can tell you it's absolutely worth it. I used to leave myself calendar notifications reminding myself to tweet several times a week.

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