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The American Architectural Manufacturer Association (AAMA) is made up of people like you, people who are concerned about the direction of their company and the industry. As a material-neutral organization, AAMA brings together window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront manufacturers, suppliers and test labs to represent our individual and shared concerns. Our membership is comprised of large and small companies that are both residentially and commercially focused.

What can AAMA offer you?
  • AAMA proactively and effectively drives code development and is influential with regard to construction and specification issues.
  • The AAMA Certification Label shows your products meet rigorous performance standards.
  • AAMA standards are developed to solve critical issues in the industry. 
  • AAMA is also active and influential in the Western and Southeastern regions of the U.S.
  • AAMA's Councils focus specifically on your product or material

To learn how you can benefit from AAMA membership, visit the Join Us page.

Featured Topics

April 30, 2015

AAMA Releases 2014/2015 Industry Review and Forecast

AAMA has released the AAMA 2014/2015 U.S. Industry Statistical Review and Forecast. This report delivers timely information on window, door and skylight market trends and product relationships. Historic data for 2006 through 2012 and forecast data for 2015 through 2017 are also included in the report. Forecasts are based on projections of construction activity as of March 2015.

RSS AAMA 305 PR Fiberglass Doors
April 21, 2015

AAMA Releases Updated Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Profiles Document

AAMA has released an updated document establishing performance requirements for fiber reinforced thermoset profiles for use in fenestration products. This document references test procedures and requirements for standard weathering performance of fiber reinforced thermoset profiles. It also addresses requirements covering design criteria, finish and appearance, weathering performance and physical properties.


May 4, 2015

AAMA 2015 National Summer Conference Registration Now Open

Registration for the upcoming AAMA 2015 National Summer Conference opened Monday, May 4, so book your flight to Seattle now. The conference will be held in the Emerald City June 28-July 1 at the Grand Hyatt Seattle. The AAMA Western Region Summit will follow immediately after, from July 1-2, in the same location.

May 4, 2015

Atlas Offers Insight on Weatherability Testing

Weathering tests are used to avoid unexpected product deterioration or out-of-spec performance and obtain a realistic picture of long-term durability. They enable determination of the validity of competitive claims, bringing to bear many different disciplines from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

May 4, 2015

AAMA Western Region Summer Summit Registration Now Open

Registration for the upcoming AAMA Western Region Summer Summit to be held July 1-2 is now open! This event will immediately follow the 2015 National Summer Conference, scheduled for June 28-July 1 at the Grand Hyatt Seattle. The Western Region Summer Summit will be held in the same location. On July 2, a slate of speakers will present on topics specific to the region, and breakfast and lunch will be provided. A reception will take place the night before, to which spouses are invited to join.


May 8, 2015

Take Advantage of AAMA's Marketing Services

I joined the AAMA Marketing Department a little over a year ago, and I am proud to have joined a team and an association that is so committed to its hard-working members. AAMA is constantly working toward bettering its member experience and adding to its slate of services and tools offered.

May 1, 2015

AAMA Webinar Program Continues To Grow

The most recent AAMA webinar boasted record-level registration, with nearly 300 participants. The subject matter was field testing and forensic evaluation, a very popular topic. The 60-minute presentation included AAMA specifications and ASTM test methods, defined the appropriate air and water test pressures, test durations and water application, and also spelled out what procedure to use for forensic water testing.

April 24, 2015

Three New Apps, How You Can Use Them For Your Company

I love downloading new social media apps and testing them out. If they work well for me, I can use them in my week-to-week social media communications and outreach. If they don't really meet my needs, I can just delete them from my device and move on. You may not have the inclination to do the same, but that's okay - I'm happy to share my research. Here are three new apps I've been experimenting with in the last few weeks.

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