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Do you have a Gold "AAMA Certification Program" label, similar to the one pictured here, on your windows?

Looking for:

  • Warranty information
  • Replacement parts
  • Other information about your windows
You will need to contact the manufacturer of your windows. To locate the manufacturer, look for the Manufacturer’s Code where it says “MFR CODE” or “CODE.”  This code can be found below the word "Program", where is says "AAMA Certification Program." The code will be a sequence of two or three letters, a hyphen and a number (i.e.; AB-1).

Once you identify the Manufacturer’s Code enter it in the search box below. This directory contains an archived listing of products that are no longer a part of the AAMA program, for any of several possible reasons. Click here to view sample labels.

What if my label is silver?
If your window has a silver label and it states that it is rated in accordance with the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) then you will need to search the NFRC's Certified Products Directory or contact them at 301-589-1776.

Can't find the Manufacturer's Code? 
If you are still having trouble, visit our FAQ page for additional help. 

* Note: If the archive directory below does not load automatically, click here to open the directory. 

Manufacturer's Code not listed in the above directory?
If your code does not appear in the archived directory, you can also try searching our current Certified Products Directory.

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