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Green building continues to grow and allows not only for buildings that are more environmentally-friendly, but also save money on energy bills due to more efficient building features. In addition to developing a green certification program, AAMA continues to closely monitor green building iniatives.

AAMA Efforts
Recently, AAMA Board of Directors voted unanimously to establish a Sustainability Steering Committee. It will oversee the various AAMA committees and task groups involved in establishing standard practices that lead to product sustainability - from component development to structural integrity. AAMA is concerned about green building initiatives and is responding to industry needs by developing a green certification program for window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront products. This certification will cover all aspects of green building, including energy performance.

AAMA is also proactively involved in green building organizations, leading the charge for fenestration products and their impact on the building’s overall green performance attributes. 

The monthly AAMA e-News includes a section devoted to Green News in each issue to keep members abreast of the latest industry developments. If you are interested in participating in AAMA's green efforts, please contact Janice Yglesias.

AAMA members have developed resource material to educate the industry and consumers on what constitutes a green window, door, skylight, curtain wall or storefront. View currently available white papers and brochures for more information. Green Events are also posted on our site and include industry trade shows, conferences and seminars. AAMA is not the only source of information on green building; you can also find valuable information related to green rating organizations and other green groups within Industry Web Links.

FTC Green Guides
Below is a 7:15 minute video from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) explaining their revised Green Guides. This is an important discussion of their revised rules in hopes of cracking down on greenwashing claims and to make environmental claims more meaningful. | Your Link to the Law

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