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Group Enrollment
To enroll more than two people email with names and contact information for each of your staff members who plan to participate.

Quantity Discounts
Receive two free subscriptions and/or certification exams for every 10 purchased at one time. AAMA members also receive reduced course and certification exam pricing. Membership is not required to enroll.

FenestrationMasters Program Pricing
    FenestrationMaster   FenestrationAssociate
  Member Non-
Member Non-
Courses and Exam
Subscription Only $500 $1000 $450 $900
Exam Only $200 $400 $150 $300
Subscription and Exam Bundle
($50 savings)
$650 $1,350 $550 $1,150
Re-examination and Exam Cancellation Fees
3-month Subscription Extension $150 $300 $125 $250
(30-day waiting period)
$150 $300 $100 $200
Cancellation fee (less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam) $150 $150 $150 $150
Study Materials
Study Resource Center $150 $375 $100 $250
AAMA Virtual Library
Documents Only**
$250 N/A $250 N/A
AAMA Virtual Library
Add-on Package**
$50 N/A $50 N/A
*Candidates will receive the Study Notebook FREE to show our appreciation for early support of the program. This resource will only be provided to existing candidates and requires purchase of coursework.
**Available only to Category 1, Professional and Technical Consultant members. Contact for more information.

  1. All quantity purchases and redemption of free subscriptions/exams must be handled through AAMA staff by contacting
  2. Free subscriptions/exams are determined based on the lowest subscription/exam value purchased. For instance, if both FenestrationMaster and FenestrationAssociate subscriptions are purchased, the free subscriptions will be for the FenestrationAssociate level/coursework.
  3. All subscriptions expire 12 months after activation date.
  4. All sales are final. No refunds. No exchanges.
Certification Information, Enrollment and Discounts for Your Staff
Email today. AAMA staff is available to discuss the best plan for your staff, answer questions and provide information to include in your training budget. Visit the Benefits page for information why you should enroll your staff in FenestrationMasters training. Sign Up for FenestrationMaster®
advanced-level certification
Sign Up for FenestrationAssociate®
entry-level certification

  • FenestrationMasters taught me basics through advanced information about industry performance standards, design requirements, materials and test methods. In this complex industry, FenestrationMasters breaks down the information to an understandable level and reinforces my understanding with progressive testing. The online format makes it easy to work into a busy schedule, and it’s helping me become a better communicator among my industry peers.

    Jim Snyder
  • The course was really informative, and I learned a lot from it. I do have to tell you that the test was extremely good and the difficulty was very similar to the architectural licensing tests.

    John P. Monroe, RA
    RAND Engineering & Architecture, PC
    Senior Architect/Construction Phase Director

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