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Professional Certification Program

Stand Out From The Competition: Get Certified in Fenestration
Elevate your expertise in fenestration—and do it on your own time—through online courses from the leading trade association in the industry.

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The AAMA FenestrationMasters® program offers professional certification and education that covers the full breadth of the fenestration industry, including performance standards, products and materials, test methods and code requirements.

Why Should you Get Certified? If you’re a company, distinguish your business from the competition. If you’re a professional, acquire the latest information in industry standards and practices. For professionals new to the industry we also offer FenestrationAssociate entry-level certification.
  • NEW! Both AIA and ICC accept the FenestrationAssociate and FenestrationMaster coursework as 11 and 13.5 hours of continuing education, respectively.
  • Broaden your knowledge—Get current in industry topics and standards.
  • Stay current—Become versed in industry standards and best practices.
  • Enjoy flexibility—All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Pace yourself—Take as long as a year to complete the courses.
  • Make it official—Certification validates your industry expertise.
  • Train Staff—Your staff will better represent your company.
Become an AAMA member and receive a discount on every course you take as well as the certification exam. Get certified and set yourself apart.

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  • FenestrationMasters taught me basics through advanced information about industry performance standards, design requirements, materials and test methods. In this complex industry, FenestrationMasters breaks down the information to an understandable level and reinforces my understanding with progressive testing. The online format makes it easy to work into a busy schedule, and it’s helping me become a better communicator among my industry peers.

    Jim Snyder
  • The course was really informative, and I learned a lot from it. I do have to tell you that the test was extremely good and the difficulty was very similar to the architectural licensing tests.

    John P. Monroe, RA
    RAND Engineering & Architecture, PC
    Senior Architect/Construction Phase Director

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