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The 2016 scholarship application process is now closed.
Winners were announced at the AAMA Summer Conference.

Since 2001, AAMA has offered a scholarship program for children of member company employees, providing students an opportunity for financial assistance for higher education and encouraging growth in the industry through the pursuit of an engineering or technical degree. At least three $2,000 awards are issued each year.

In 2003, AAMA added its first member company Partners to the program. Through the Scholarship Partner Program, member companies set up their own scholarship program specifically for children of their employees and AAMA manages the program administration, application process and winner selection. If not selected for the Partner award, applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will automatically be considered for an AAMA award without needing to complete a separate application process.

Scholarship Partners
Graham Architectural Products (2003)
Quanex Building Products, Window and Door Systems Division (2003)
Milgard Manufacturing (2008)
MI Windows and Doors (2014)
PGT Industries (2014)
VEKA (2014)

Past Participants
Architectural Testing (2013-2014)
Simonton Windows (2013-2015)

Application Process
Whether pursuing an AAMA award or a member company Partner award, access to the Members Only area of the AAMA website is required to begin the application process. Candidates may use the login credentials assigned to their parent or the general login credentials assigned to their parent’s company.

Be sure to check the eligibility criteria for each award before beginning the application process. To qualify to apply for a Partner award, the applicant must be the child of an employee of the sponsoring Partner company.

AAMA and Partner Scholarship winners are chosen by a third-party administrator and applications are judged on college entrance scores, current GPA, a 500-word essay and related coursework. With the generous support of AAMA's membership, the AAMA Scholarship has been a growing success.

Contact with any questions about eligibility or the application process.

Financial assistance provided by this program has contributed to academic success at some of the top universities in the country. Many of our past winners have gone on to continue their education at the graduate and post-graduate levels. The following are just a few of our past winners’ accomplishments:
  • Career as a Nuclear Engineer for the U.S. Navy
  • Career as a Project Engineer for a large hospital
  • Graduate degree in Architecture
  • PhD in Physics at ivy league university
  • Cardiology-focused medical degree
2016-2017 AAMA Scholarship and Partner Scholarship Winners
AAMA announced seven winners of the AAMA Scholarship and a total of 11 Partner Scholarship winners between all six Partners. More information regarding the application process is available on the Members Only website.

Contact Information
For information regarding the AAMA Scholarship Program or the Scholarship Partner Program, please contact

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