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Liquid Paints

Powder Paints


Mechanical & Chemical

Liquid Finishes

AAMA Specifications
AAMA 2603 = 1 year South Florida exposure
AAMA 2604 = 5 year South Florida exposure
AAMA 2605 = 10 year South Florida exposure

Resin - serves as binder that forms paint film
Pigment - provides color
Solvents - maintain liquid state and influence application
Additives - effect flow, cure and surface appearance

Polyester - typically high solids with good flexibility
Acrylic - conventional solids with good hardness
Silicone - modified polyester-medium solids with better weathering
Fluoropolymer - best weathering

Powder Finishes
Resin & crosslinker serve as binder that forms paint film
Pigments provide color
Additives affect fluidization & application properties

Types -
Polyester, Modified polyester, Fluoropolymer

An electrochemical process that enhances the aluminum’s natural oxide surface layer by forming an even more durable oxide film that can have a variety of colors.
Class I - 215R1 Class II - 204R1

AAMA Specifications
AAMA 611
AAMA 612

Mechanical and Chemical Surface Treatments

Buffed & burnished to a mirror like finish

Abrasive blasted to a rough texture appearance

Caustic Etch - uses a caustic solution to give a silver-white appearance

Floride Etch - uses a fluoride solution to give a matte appearance

Bright Dip - polished first then chemical treated to yield a bright mirror like finish usually anodize afterwards to add a protective layer and/or add color

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